What I Watch.


I don’t watch much TV but when I do, I usually record and watch the same things over and over. I watch the box periodically, for instance the Australian Open will begin this month so I will be glued to the screen. I enjoy watching content that makes me think and makes me want to do things in this world. Check the below.

African Voices.

I just love watching CNN’s African Voices, constantly and on repeat! It makes so much sense. The content is always fresh, the stories are always Inspiring and the whole show is just alive. African Voices is led by forward thinking Africans from all walks of life who are telling their unique stories, so proud and confident.

The Great British Bake Off.

GB Book

Firstly I am in complete awe of BBC productions, they have made simplicity look so sexy. There is this certain look that is hard to describe but clearly visible in all their productions, its amazing. There is a thread in every show commissioned even though the genre’s can be completely different, you will know a BBC production when you see it. Which begs the question: Why does South Africa have to copy everything that this international? I cannot stand to watch renditions of US and UK shows in South Africa, we will never get it right, because it is not authentically African (South African). It hurts me even more to watch a local version of a BBC show done in SA, that thing, you know that Hlaudi thing? We just don’t have it for these international shows. I suppose there is a bigger picture at play with money motivation as to why channels commission such shows. It takes me back to the time when we had our own version of The Apprentice, Tokyo Sexwale could not even pick one winner, I shake my head the flash back. Anyhow I digress. I love to bake and the Bake Off was food pleasure for me. I did get shortlisted for the second season or is it third? The latest season of SA Bake Off, I pulled out. I will get into it again in ten years after I have fulfilled my first love.

Isibaya, Is’Thunzi, Rhythm City, Scandal.


South African productions make me happy. I would like to especially mention Is’Thunzi season one blew me away, it is by far the one drama I draw inspiration from and the other drama, Its Complicated. I watched an episode of Danz, I actually enjoyed it even though it is an Afrikaans drama, I suppose it reminds me of Backstage, oh sweet Backstage, what happened to the actors? It was quite grim the events and ending of that show. I get nostalgia when I think of Backstage, it was such a great production and refreshing to see something come out of Cape Town. I do hope to see a healthy, thriving TV industry from Cape Town, KZN and the other provinces, even though Johannesburg still remains The City Of Gold and for good reason.

This is for Nostalgia's sake. Wasn't Backstage everything though? What happened to most of them? Oh Backy bethuna.
This is for Nostalgia’s sake. Wasn’t Backstage everything though? Oh Backy bethuna.

Trace Africa.


I love hearing ‘We love Hip Hop & RnB’. I strictly watch the channel for African music, I like the special music shows they play from different countries of Africa. Music from Cameroon, Angola, Namibia, Tanzania and the lot. We understand that some parts of Africa is Anglophone speaking so the French element is quite strong with Trace. It has Inspired me to learn French and so far I can count to ten, I know the days of the week and basic greetings. It’s quite lovely. I am totally feeling Nasty C and Runtown right now.

African Legacy Project. 


For obvious reasons. There are re-runs of African Legacy Project on Fox Life and I always get giddy when I see work done by myself and my sister on TV. Nigeria will always remain special because of the episode recording of Zaron cosmetics creator Oke Maduewesi, the food, the vibe and the very visually appealing male species.



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