Zonke Dikana ‘Reach It’ Music Video.

Yesterday afternoon right before I was getting ready to step out, I was going through music channels. I tuned into channel 321 on DStv. It was a music video by artist Zonke Dikana the song is simply titled ‘Reach It’ that caught me. I was so moved I knew I had to write about this, my feelings and thoughts were spilling over. I thought about this song while I was out till I got back home, it touched me somehow. I got onto YouTube; I listened to it while washing the dishes which can be quite relaxing in some sort of way. I listened to the song well over ten times, I allowed it to seep Into my heart and mind. Allow me to me explain how this song has left me feeling.


It is a very simple music video, feature’s Zonke, One location and one outfit. I was captivated by this black and white music video. Zonke is standing in this black void or space sometimes still sometimes rotating. Light shining on her, amplifying her features: her porcelain skin, her perfectly manicured nails, her big round eyes, her glowing face, her attractive lashes and her hand movements. The beauty was breath taking. I don’t know what it is about simplicity but I am attracted to it, it’s probably because it does not make noise and communicates itself a lot more effectively than complication. Directed by Mzi Kumalo you can tell that he did a really good job at executing Zonke’s vision. They probably had great chemistry. It makes sense that the video is like this because of the song…

Titled ‘Reach It’ not only personally speaking to me, this is probably the best song I have heard and best video I have seen all year. It’s one thing to have a great song but to also have a video that compliments it, is exceptional. The lyrical content to ‘Reach It’ is so Inspiring and moving. It should be my morning song. To my understanding it merely speaks of reaching your dreams, your passions, reaching your full potential, that’s all.

That’s all I need to hear with my 2016 plans, this song is my anthem, I will not stop till I reach it. I am so Inspired so I honour this amazing song with this post. I will purchase the CD and play that track till the CD scratches then I will buy it again!

Her album titled ‘Work of Heart’ was released in September 2015. Good looking cover art. Her short hair suits her so much.
View it here: Reach It

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