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Inside Nommer 37 with Nosipho Dumisa

Two days after attending the Johannesburg premiere of Nommer 37, I’m still reeling from what felt like was a roller coaster ride, I mean sitting on the edge of my seat kind of feeling. I have seen many South African films but there are very few that I have considered to be authentic and real, very few. The debate as to how or why South African films do not do well, I would say boils down to authenticity, how well a South African filmmaker knows and understand the society they’re in. I mean the debate is much larger than what I may be simplifying it too, I know, but having seen Nommer 37 and all the societal issues addressed, the reaction from the crowd and the story within itself informs me that writing about what you see and know, one might yield results. Nosipho’s debut film and the company Gambit…

New Dance Film Pop, Lock ‘N Roll Brings The Hottest SA Dance Moves To The Big Screen.

‘Pop Lock ‘n Roll’, a new film about finding the strength to dance again – despite life and its unexpected, and sometimes heart-breaking curveballs – opens countrywide on the 29th of September. The cast is led by avid hip hop dancer and ‘Isidingo’ mainstay, Maurice Paige, and singer-songwriter and actress, Yasirah Bhelz. The film is directed by Ziggy Hofmeyr and produced by Mayenzeke Baza, founder of Mandela Bay Pictures. It features heart-stopping dance feats, accompanied by some of South Africa’s best produced hip hop and dance music. At the centre of the story is Raps (Paige), an ambitious street-style, hip-hop dancer from a poor neighbourhood, who believes that money is everything. He gets a lucky break and works his way up as a professional entertainer. But when he falls in love with Queen (Bhelz), the beautiful Brazilian wife of the gangster-come-producer who’s making his career, and a star in her own…