My Euro Trip on reel.

I had such an Insane experience in Cannes at the South of France earlier this year, the initial plan was to go straight to Cannes but there were some amazing changes so I added two more weeks to my trip and three additional destinations. The Images are from a disposal camera, a gift from my friend at my send off. They look so poetic, I love each one of them. I do have digital pictures but I wanted to post these because they are just so vintage and classy.


I started in London. I feel kind of silly writing this but the first thing I could not get over was free wifi everywhere, that was a dream, man how I miss it. The sun did not go down till around nine in the evening. I spent most of my days being a typical Irritating tourist, I kept being pushed around on the train station, I suppose I was walking to slow. Their food was okay but their fashion is crazy! I bought from Topshop, Primark, H&M and other joints. I loved hearing the people of London say ‘It’s alright’ whenever I would say thanks. That was cute.







What a gem. I was there for two nights. I have this really silly obsession of mini & supermarkets. One would typically go for a walk and check out the area but not me. I headed straight for the store. I think I spent about 45 minutes looking at items, they just fascinate me. I walked out with a baguette, cheese and olive oil which was so fitting since I was in France.

Beloved Cannes. There are million and one things I could write about Cannes. I fell in love with everything. It’s an experience quite like no other. I know I will go back but nothing will ever compare to the first time. I wish I had a bottle to store memories and every so often I’d go back & watch my time there.. exhale..


The city of love was my final leg. I went to see a Lebanese band called Mashrou’Leila. They were really good. I took the subway to find the Eiffel Tower, navigating the subway can be a nightmare but I was proud of myself, I did not get lost. The Eiffel Tower really is breathtaking. I was there during the Tennis French Open so there was a huge tennis ball attached to the tower. My highlight was buying macaroons from the Laduree, you cannot be in France and not have french macaroons.

Visiting Montmarte was special to me, one of the films I absolutely adore was shot there Amelie. While sitting having a beautiful french picnic I kept thinking about the scene where Audrey Tautou as Amelie when playing cat and mouse, directing the male lead where to go to resolve his problem. I had an amazing time, a really splendid time, a really wonderful time. Je’Taime..


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