Lets Do This Right – Resuming TRN

I am at a loss for words. I see and understand the work required to get myself and the content back on track. It has been such a long time, well over six months of non-writing and close to a year of not filming. Man it feels as if I am starting anew, right from scratch. The instant gratification in me needs to calm down because the road ahead will be long, it will be hard but the love and passion still lies deep.

Happy New Year though, I hope 2019 will be good to you. It is the second month of the year already, I can see this year running. It’s insane how time flies.

In my video I am my most honest, like a video diary of sorts. Although it’s slightly vulnerable, it felt so good and right, I enjoyed myself. I enjoyed being on camera, doing something that feels natural.

Well here is to a year of diligent work, passion chasing and loving life.

Lets Start Over…

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