Jason Bourne Come Back – Film Review.

Film: Jason Bourne.
Director: Paul Greengrass.
Duration: 123 Minutes.
National Release: 29 July 2016.
Cast: Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel, Julia Stiles and Riz Ahmed.

Jason Bourne emerges after a ten year absence as a rogue CIA assassin agent. Remembering who he finally is, he finds himself once again trapped in a deadly cat and mouse chase as he seeks answers. Tommy Lee Jones plays CIA director and uses counterinsurgency expert Heather Lee played by Alicia Vikander to flush out Bourne and former operator Nicky Parsons while he underhandedly assigns an assassin to take Bourne out.


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The film begins with a despondent Jason in Athens, he occupies his time by playing illegal underground boxing. He is incredulously precise with his knock out blows. His mundane life is quickly switched when Nicky appears and then the ball starts rolling on the epic CIA vs. Jason Bourne in a two hour finale battle (hopefully) which leads to Las Vegas. Ultimately the story is trying to conclude and resolve on why Jason recruited to be a CIA assassin. Was the resolve satisfactory?



What I appreciate about the film is the world wide experience since the first installment of Jason Bourne, I was taken by the different locations. Action and fighting scenes may appease others. Jason Bourne is an intellectual action film that is a rough neck James Bond if you will. After almost destroying the Vegas strip on what seemed to be a 10 minute car chase with my ears ringing, I don’t even think it matters anymore what the answer is. It was good watching Matt Damon do his thing, he has aged though. It was great seeing new faces, seeing Alicia Vikander play a human. I watched her in Ex Machina.

I would certainly encourage all fans to see it, it is a great euphoric experience in the Bourne series.



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