Guest Talk on Cape Talk Radio – Looking for Love Review.

It is Heritage month and this is a good month for local film. The passed two weeks I spoke on Cape Talk with Africa Melane for his film review slot. I watched The Equalizer an action vigilante film directed by Antoinee Fuqua starring Denzel Washington. Who can fault Denzel? He is always good. Personally it would not be my first choice, its a bad-ass bloody action film, I know I am not the target market but I had to watch the film for the review.

The second time around however, I was given free reign to pick a film of my choice, so naturally I went for a local film and my pick was Adze Ugah’s Looking For Love. I am a sucker for local movies and this one did not disappoint, spicy, sexy and very powerful. Celeste Ntuli did the most and I adored her.

What made my experience all the more better was my review on Cape Talk, oh how I loved it! It was pure joy, take a listen below and WATCH THE FILM!

Keep It Reel.

Nthabi Guest Talk on Cape Talk – Review of ‘Looking For Love’ , 02 Sept ’18

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