Five reasons to watch Noem My Skollie as told by Daryne Joshua.

A story of human triumph and redemption. Noem My Skollie based on true events weaves a tale of an authentic South African story told in a way that I have not experienced before.

John W. Fredericks the scriptwriter who dedicated his life to bring this story to life gives us a look into into the Cape flats during the 1960’s of young boys who form a gang to survive. From boys to young men, the brotherhood is shaken when two of the members AB (DJ Mouton) and Gimba (Gantane Kusch) are arrested during a break in. Both are sentenced to two years in prison. Being among hardened criminal’s AB and Gimba are forced to find ways of protecting themselves, AB grows in status as a captivating storyteller.

Life after prison is not the same for all four friends. A shocking encounter seals their fate which leads to unfortunate circumstances for all of them.

A directorial debut by Cape Town based director Daryne Joshua brought this story to life with an incredible eye and attention to detail, depicting Cape Town in the 1960’s convincingly well.

Other than the Oscar buzz that has been circulating Noem My Skollie, Daryne gives you five reason’s why you should go watch this groundbreaking film.



We’ve created something unique in South African cinema. A film set in Cape Town on the Cape Flats within the coloured community in 1960’s. As far as we know, this has not been done before. Therefore it will provide a unique experience for any audience that watches it.


It is a story rich in entertainment value. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will laugh, you will cheer, you will cry.IMG_6698


You will be inspired. This is not a gangster film. This is a coming of age film about how a criminal changed his life and persevered to become the great storyteller and writer that he is today.IMG_6731


Most South Africans will relate to the hero. Because, like most South Africans he grows up in a neighborhood riddled with violence, drugs and crime. He is affected by it daily. It influences the decisions he makes in his life.IMG_6735


It is a local film. And as we all know, local is lekker. The more you, the audience, support us, the filmmakers – the better our films will become.



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