But You Gotta Have Faith- Devon Franklin.

A quick post before we hit the long weekend. So I would not usually post something like this but I am Inspired and seeing the timing of it all is around Easter weekend, I thought why not make it Inspiration Friday? I know Meagan Good very well, I have seen her work over the years. She got married and how I caught wind of her husband is through their book, The Wait they are currently promoting. I watched a few videos and I finally got to remember Meagan Good’s husband as DeVon Franklin. He is a man of Faith bold and courageous and I must commend their boldness in what they do especially being in Hollywood.

Whatever you hold on too, Faith is key in any area of your life and it is Important to be mindful of that. The book he wrote Produced By Faith I think would help any person with mega dreams walking this path without losing their core.

Thought to share and put it out there. Enjoy your life and always have Faith!

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